Mandarin (Red) Essential Oil

Botanical Name:
Citrus reticulata
Country of Origin:
Plant Part:
Distillation Method:
Cold Pressed
Naturally Grown
Overall Profile
Primary Constituents
gamma terpinene
beta myrcene
alpha pinene
beta pinene
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Wholesale Pure Red Mandarin Essential Oil

100% pure Mandarin essential oils, cold pressed from the peels of Mandarin fruit from Italy. Called "the children's remedy" in France for its broad range of soothing effects. Red Mandarin Oil is available from sample size up to 1 kg or more.


Mandarin is a small citrus tree, growing to 4m with a single trunk and many, thin-spined or spineless droopy branches. The tree resembles other varieties of oranges with small glossy leaves and fragrant white blossoms. Mandarin fruit looks like a rather flattened sphere, with peel color that varies from green to yellow to deep orange-red when fully ripe. The Mandarin orange is a variety of Rutaceae sometimes confused with Satsuma and Tangerine. In English speaking countries the fruit is called Tangerine.


This essential oil is cold pressed from the skin of mandarin fruit grown in Italy. In addition to this Red Mandarin oil, we also carry Yellow Mandarin and Green Mandarin essential oils. The Red Mandarin oil is the sweetest of the bunch, with the Yellow following close behind. The Yellow Mandarin is unsprayed and is a beautiful oil for a lower cost. The Green Mandarin is like a sweet-tart citrus candy, with a really fun aroma and color. All are very nice choices, from Italy, where the soil and climate conditions produce some of the world's finest citrus fruit essential oils. Of the three Mandarin oils, the Red variety has the richest, warmest scent.

Aromatherapy Notes

This juicy Mandarin essential oil has a floral top note of orange blossom and lemon oil, herbaceous middle notes of lily that mingle with undertones of sweet marmalade and a hint of maple. It blends well with oils of: Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Clove, Grapefruit, Sweet Orange, Lemon, Lime and Neroli.

Therapeutic Properties

Therapeutic Properties Described in The Aromatherapy Literature

From The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy1:

  • Antispasmodic, Carminative, Depurative, Digestive, Diuretic, Sedative
  • Relieves tummy upsets and soothes restlessness in babies and children
  • Recommended as a massage oil, especially in blends with a carrier oil to reduce stretch marks during pregnancy
  • Topical cleanser for acne and oily skin
  • Davis: “the delicate aroma of mandarin breathes a message of happiness” and “helps us to get in touch with that inner child.”

From The Encyclopedia of Aromatherapy2:

  • Soothing, uplifting, and cheering effect
  • Recommended for digestive problems, insomnia, nervous tension, and stress

Application and Use


This oil is non-toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitizing. It has, however, been known to be very phototoxic, so it is best not to expose skin to intense sunlight directly after application. This oil is safe for use during pregnancy and with children. References 1 Battaglia, Salvatore. The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy. International Centre of Holystic Aromatherapy, 2003. 2 Wildwood, Christine. Encyclopedia of Aromatherapy. Healing Arts Press, 2000. n.