Clary Sage Essential Oil

Botanical Name:
Salvia sclarea
Country of Origin:
Plant Part:
Leaves and Tops
Distillation Method:
Certified Organic
Overall Profile
Primary Constituents
linalyl acetate
beta myrcene
alpha terpineol
geraniol acetate
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Wholesale Certified Organic Clary Sage Essential Oil

100% pure Clary Sage oil steam distilled from the leaves and tops of Clary Sage plants organically grown in the United States. This is a wonderful, fresh and bright variety of Clary Sage. Highly recommended, both for your therapeutic and aromatic applications! Our Clary Sage Essential Oil is available from sample size up to 1kg or more.


Its name in Latin: 'salvare', meaning "to heal" and 'clarus', meaning "clear", reflects the ancient role of Clary Sage with many eye conditions. Considered a 'sacred herb' by the Romans, it remains a desirable medicinal essential oil and is considered one of the most important aromatics in aromatherapy practice today. A native plant to Southern Europe, it can still be found growing in garden beds throughout the continent. Clary Sage is a biennial or perennial herb that typically reaches 1 to 4 feet in height with hairy, heart-shaped leaves and numerous pale blue, lavender, pink or white flowers. This essential oil is sourced from the leaves of Clary Sage herb Certified Organically grown in Russia.

Aromatherapy Notes

This Clary Sage oil has a moist, clay-like top note, a light, floral lavender-like middle note and a fresh grassy undertone with a subtle herbal spice. It blends well with oils fresh citrus or woody, earthy tones like: Bergamot, Lemon, Grapefruit, Orange, Cedarwood, Cypress, Juniper, Lavender, Geranium and Sandalwood.

Therapeutic Properties

From The Encyclopedia of Aromatherapy:

  • Anticonvulsive, Antidepressant, Anti-inflammatory, Antiseptic, Astringent, Carminative, Deodorant, Digestive, Sedative, Stomachic, Tonic

From The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy:

  • Brings long-lasting inner tranquility – has a warmth and liveliness that dispels melancholy
  • Opens the creative path to the unknown and intuitive
  • Uplifting without disconnecting from reality
  • Earthy quality steadies and calms the mind, while restoring clarity

Application and Use


Generally Clary Sage is non-toxic and a non-irritant. Even though considered useful with promoting menses, it is considered safe to use when pregnant in small doses. Consultation with a physician is always recommended with internal use. Clary Sage has a different chemical composition to that of common Sage (Salvia officinalis). Common Sage is composed of up to 50% thujone, a potentially toxic ketone. Please ensure that therapeutic use is always with Salvia scarea. Also note that overuse of Clary Sage can result in headache or dizziness, and raise blood pressure, rather than its opposite effect in proper dosages. Your body will usually let you know when you've had too much of any oil - as soon as you don't seem to 'want' any more, cease use until the aroma is desirable again.


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