Basil (Sweet) Essential Oil

Botanical Name:
Ocinum basilicum (c.t. linalool)
Country of Origin:
Plant Part:
Leaves and Tops
Distillation Method:
Certified Organic
Overall Profile
Primary Constituents
beta elemene
trans alpha bergamotene
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Wholesale Organic Sweet Basil Essential Oil

From Wholesale Essential Oils, 100% pure 'Sweet' Basil essential oil. This is steam distilled from the herb of the linalol chemotype of Basil, wildgrown in Nepal. The linalol type is considered safer for long term use by children. Its scent is a lovely, sweet, sunlit, floral aroma. Used as an effective agent against the bacteria which causes acne. Available to sample and up to 1kg or more, this Basil Essential Oil is guaranteed to be of the highest therapeutic quality.


A tender-leaved, powerfully aromatic annual herb, Basil is a native species to tropical Asia and Africa. This pure essential oil is steam distilled from the whole flowering herb of linalool chemotype Basil, organically grown in Nepal. This variety really shines through with a lovely sweet, sunlit, floral aroma reminiscent of Basil that has grown in its natural habitat. This variety is also known as 'sweet', 'true', and 'European' Basil.

Aromatherapy Notes

A sweetly-spiced, grassy and fresh top note on a distinctly round, full bodied balsamic and wood undertone generate uplifting, awakening, clarifying and stimulating effects. Sweeter than the methyl chavicol type, this Basil oil is an excellent choice for a wide array of aromatherapy applications. It blends and balances nicely with Bergamot, Peppermint and Eucalyptus oils.

Traditional Uses

Basil essential oil has been referred to as 'the royal oil to strengthen the mind and heart and to reinforce resistance against infectious diseases.' Basis has traditionally been used to target a wide array of problems such as anxiety, insect bites, nausea, muscular aches, flu, fever, pulmonary infections and infectious diseases. It is commonly used in Ayurveda to sharpen the mind, enhance memory and to be benneficial toward respiratory conditions such as bronchitis, coughs and chest colds.

Therapeutic Properties Described In The Aromatherapy Literature

Antidepressant, Antiseptic, Antispasmodic, Carminative, Digestive aid, Expectorant, Stress reliever.


  • Basil may help brighten the spirits and lift depression.
  • It has been diffused as an aid to improving mental clarity and alleviating mental fatigue.


  • It has been noted as 'adaptogenic' regarding its ability to restore calm as needed.

Application and Use


The linalool chemotype is considered the safest of all Basil varieties. Not to be used during pregnancy but otherwise it is normally a non-toxic, non-irritant with possible sensitivity in some individuals.Over and improper use of Basil should be avoided as it can over-stimulate the nervous system. Always test a small amount of essential oil first for sensitivity or allergic reaction.