Ambrette Seed (Musk) CO2

Botanical Name:
Abelmoschus moschatus
Country of Origin:
Plant Part:
Distillation Method:
Naturally Grown
Overall Profile
Primary Constituents
farnesyl acetate
4,5 nonadiene
9,12-octadecadienoic acid
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Wholesale Pure Ambrette Seed Musk Essential Oil

From Wholesale Essential Oils, pure vegan-sourced "Musk" essential oil, CO2 distilled from Ambrette Seed grown in India. It's musky and ambery aromatic has been used traditionally as a natural musk substitute. This lovely CO2 distillation is guaranteed to be 100% pure and makes available a smooth, intriguing aromatic of natural plant source for the same purpose. Highly recommended in your natural perfumery formulas. 100% pure Ambrette Seed extract is available in samples sizes up to bulk quantities of 1kg or more and is guaranteed to be of the highest therapeutic quality.


Frequently employed in small amounts in natural perfumery as a "musk" substitute. Ambrette Seed essential oil is distilled from the seeds of a tropical Hibiscus flower found in Central and South America, as well as in some warmer Asian climes. These hibiscus species develop single (rather than grouped) flowers, containing five-sided seed pods. It is from these potently-aromatic seeds from which the oil is distilled.

Aromatherapy Notes

Ambrette seed essential oil is a milky, pale yellow, highly viscous oil, with a rich body, and sweet, floral-musky, notes, and a slightly spicy undertone. The aroma has a good tenacity, meaning it can be detected for some time after application. The aroma is very distinct and complex, considered to have one of the most unique natural molecular profiles of any essential oil. It's aroma is pleasantly well-rounded with a soft "musky" scent. It is for this reason that Ambrette is used as a vegan replacement for "musk", an animal-source aromatic used in a wide variety of commercial perfumes. Ambrette seed essential oil can be used in your natural perfumery formulas, particulary in formulas for men. (One of our staff members said he's found women standing closer to him when he's wearing it...not exactly a rigorously controlled experiment, but interesting nonetheless.)  Consider it a base note, and use only very small amounts -- just enough to allow a hint of the 'musk' aspect to come through. The aroma is thought to improve with age, as are sandalwood and several other essential oils.

Traditional Uses

Traditionally used as perfume. However, in Arabian countries, Ambrette seeds were added to coffee to enhance flavor. In China, the oil was used to reduce headaches, and in Egypt, it was used both to sweeten the breath, and when emulsified in milk, to ease discomfort from rashes. In India, roots, and seeds of Ambrette are considered valuable traditional medicines; the bitter-sweet, acrid, aromatic seeds are made into a liquid tonic. In India and Malaysia, pounded seeds are used to perfume hair, while seeds are also placed between clothes to keep away insects (in a similar manner as Patchouli). Seeds are burned as incense and used in making incense sticks. In the Philippines, a tea made of the roots and leaves is ingested for gonorrhea and rheumatism. In Indonesia, pulverized seeds are used for prickly heat. In traditional Vietnamese medicine, the plant is used as an anti-venom and a diuretic. Finally, the tuberous roots are sought after by the Chinese as a substitute for ginseng.

Therapeutic Properties Described in the Aromatherapy Literature

Appetite stimulant, Carminative, Digestive aid, General stimulant, Adrenal support*, Aphrodisiac, Ophthalmic, Cardiotonic, Stomachic, Diuretic, Anti-depressant, Antispasmodic, and Deodorant.

*Ambrette Seed essential oil is considered to be a powerful adrenal gland stimulator. It may be beneficial to use in combination adrenal rejuvenator to help those not feeling the effects of their morning coffee any longer, though is not recommended for use much afternoon so as to not keep one awake at night. Note: Ambrette may also be helpful in the targeting of anxiety, depression, nervousness and stress-related conditions. Considered an aphrodisiac because of the Ambrette Seed's musk-like oil aroma, it can also be included in most natural perfume blends designed for this purpose.

Application and Use


There are no notes found regarding toxic reactions to Ambrette Seed essential oil.