Cultivation Icons: What Do They Mean?

At Essential Oils Wholesale, we hold organic certifications for most of our essential oils. What do these certifications and their associated icons really mean?

The Wild logo is specifically used on oils that are cultivated in nature where historically they have existed for hundreds of years. Many oils are preferred to be found in a more natural environment to preserve the integrity of the soil, elevation, and humidity of the cultivation parameters. These "Wild" conditions are reserved to only particular types of essential oils. Below are some great articles describing a few of our best wild crafted oils. The other important aspect to wild crafted essential oils are that they are supposed to be harvested with the plant species future survival in mind. By not devastating the original ecosystem of the plants origin future generations can enjoy beautiful wild crafted oils.

To see an example of a typical Wild Lavender field
To see the benefits of Wild Myrrh and Wild Frankincense

The Ecocert ICO logo is perhaps the most important logo that is on our labels and website here at EOW. It brings along with it 3rd party certification from an amazingly reliable company. We chose Ecocert because of its prominence in the essential oil field, and its large connections with European standards (because a majority of our products are sourced from Europe). Here at EOW we are organically certified as a facility, and every Organic oil that we carry has been verified by Ecocert ICO for cultivation practices and organic farming certification. For more information on Ecocert ICO follow the links below

To learn a little bit more about our certifier
To see the benefits of organic products

The USDA logo is representative of our overall organic certification governing system, it carries with it a specific set of regulations that are monitored here domestically in the United States by the Department of Agriculture. The USDA has been around since 1862 when President Lincoln created it out of necessity to regulate U.S.A. farms. Ecocert ICO ensures that all USDA standards are met during the certification process of our products and our facility. This logo on our products will quickly allow consumers to understand the rigor and documentation that was required to obtain this level of standardization within our production facility. Our amazing production staff our trained to meet all protocols that are required of the USDA because of our third party organic certification. Check out our links below for more information about specific standards we follow here at Essential Oils Wholesale.

To read about USDA organic labeling
For more details about USDA regulations
The USDA fact sheets

The 100% P&N (one hundred percent pure and natural) tag is used for our products that are naturally farmed without use of chemical pesticides. These farms from all over the globe are not organically certified, but are aromatically and chemically superior products that we have sourced. Small natural farms are some of the best facilities for careful distillation and diligent care of product ingredients throughout the cultivation process. Below are some links that will help connect you to some essential oils that are a big part of why we choose the P&N tag on our oils.

A profile of Helichrysum a high end P&N oil